Conquering the Pre-Job Search


Luckily for job seekers, especially in the IT and tech sectors, unemployment rates continue to be at their lowest rates in years. This means that potential employers have more competition between themselves to attract and hire the candidates with the right skills.

However, even though there may plenty of jobs to go around, switching jobs, or starting a new career path takes careful planning and patience. Before you get started on the job search and begin interviewing, there are some steps and preparation that all job seekers must consider.

  1. Understand your current or most recent job. Whatever the reason you are deciding to look for a new job, you must take time to reflect on you most recent past position what did you like and not like about it? Specifically, if there were or are things that are making you unhappy – determine what those are. No room for growth? Low pay? Not a ton of training opportunities?
  2. Update your resume. Yes – this may seem obvious but make sure that not only is it up-to-date but that you are highlighting the skills and experience that are the most relevant to your new search. Don’t forget to include accomplishments/awards, side projects and relevant business metrics that all show your worth as an employee.
  3. Refine and enhance your online presence. Ever since the job search process has migrated to nearly all digital, making sure your online presence is air tight and full of a lot of the right information is critical. What would an employee find if they Google-d your name? Being active in industry-appropriate social media channels is a great way to show that you are interested in and value this industry.
  4. Tap your network! One of the best ways to find your next job is through networking. Who do you know and where do they work? Where have they worked? Not only may you (or a peer) know someone at your dream company, but also your network may have the important background information about the companies you are debating – the good and the bad. Regardless, utilizing all your connections is one of the best ways to take that next step in your career.

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