Supply Chain Management Coordinator

Position: Supply Chain Management Coordinator

Type: Permanent, Full-Time

FLSA Status: Exempt

The purpose of this role is to directly supervise and manage material storage site(s) activity on a project where the client is providing SCM and/or Material Management services. The role will be accountable for the operations at one (1) or multiple sites ensuring the 3C’s (Care, Custody, and Control) are maintained over safeguarded material. Additionally, this role will be responsible for conducting project material related analysis to provide insights and support the needs of the project.


Supply Chain Management:

  • Performs supply chain and logistics functions, such as material/services procurement, production planning, inventory control, outsourcing, vendor selection and distribution.
  • Coordinates and integrates the flow of materials and information among suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and customers

Inventory Control:

  • Ensures that inventories are secure, properly identified and readily accessible to authorized personnel
  • Maintains controls over various types of inventories (e.g., raw materials, subassemblies, finished goods)
  • Conducts physical inventory counts and reconciles results with inventory records
  • Ensures that quantities of incoming and outgoing shipments are correct
  • Conducts analyses of inventory levels, and coordinates with production and sales requirements
  • Coordinates inbound and outbound logistical operations including inventory management, warehousing, and transportation to ensure sufficient supply of goods and products

Transportation Management:

  • Analyzes transportation and distribution systems and procedures to ensure the efficient and economical delivery of the organization's products
  • Plans and coordinates fleet operations including acquisition, scheduling, maintenance service and repair, and disposal of trucks, and hires common carriers (third-party transportation companies) as appropriate


  • Conduct detailed analysis of inventory in comparison to project needs (site, schedule).


  • An Entrepreneurial Spirit. A desire to be part of something on the ground floor and to develop and grow the business.
  • Self-Starter. The people that find success with our client need to have the ability to jump right in and learn as they go. This role specifically will require the ability to collaborate and take charge of their respective scope.
  • A curious mind. Our client seeks candidates that are constantly learning and wanting to develop novel solutions to the problems their customers face.
  • Highly Collaborative: Our client works in a fast-paced ever-changing environment. Because of this they lean into communication and collaboration to a high degree in order to stay ahead of industry trends and ahead of project issues.
  • Problem Solver. A desire to be the solution is a must.