Technical Research Analyst

Job Title: Technical Research Analyst
Type: Contract Assignment
Start Date: ASAP
Duration: 6 months

Location: 100% Remote



Role Purpose: The RA is responsible for obtaining relevant information about prospects and entering the information into Salesforce (SFDC). Looking for candidates with technical experience.



  • Enter a list of prospects from the campaign and trade show lists into SFDC with speed and accuracy.
  • Search SFDC to determine if the prospect already exists in the database.
  • Update prospects account if already in SFDC using information from data sources and add appropriate campaign name.
  • Create a new account for prospects if not already in SFDC.
  • Pull necessary information from data sources and company website and input it into SFDC.
  • Enter Internal Leads into SFDC using information from data sources provided.
  • Assist with maintaining the integrity of SFDC.
  • Run duplicate detection process to ensure prospects are only in SFDC once.
  • Remove prospects from campaigns that do not meet criteria.
  • Merge duplicate accounts as needed.

The following is the type of relevant experience:

  • Be able to tell what a Windows operating system versus a Linux one represents,
  • What is the difference between a database storing structured data vs. non-structured data,
  • Recognize the differences and challenges between an application hosted on-prem vs an application hosted in the cloud,
  • Distinguish between archiving vs migrating data between applications,
  • Understand the difference between a database table vs a database record, be able to explain what the SQL language is used for).
  • Legal experience, especially understanding of legal hold is desired.