How To Keep Busy Between IT Jobs

How To Keep Busy Between IT Jobs

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In the IT and other tech fields it is not uncommon for professionals to have gaps in their resumes between jobs. Moving from one job to the next is typical, even expected as an IT professional; however, potential employers and the staffing firms they use to sift through potential candidates are going to be extremely curious as to what you do in this time between jobs.

While this time off is expected here and there, they do want to see that you are being productive and maximizing your time off to not only benefit you but your career as well. Specifically in the IT field in NYC, employers will be looking for continued involvement in career-oriented activities that will aid to your development as an IT expert. Keep in mind though that this is not just something the employer will be looking for but staying sharp during your time off is something that will only benefit you in the long run.

To continue to advance your career, even while you aren’t technically working, check out our tips below…

  1. Take classes or get certified in a specific field. Whether you are getting your PMP certification or taking a class to learn new IT skills, keeping yourself sharp and up-to-date on the latest and greatest IT trends will show your future employers that you are invested in being the best you can be.
  2. Increasingly, nonprofits and other organizations are looking for IT volunteers to help them with small projects like setting up an event or program website – things they don’t really have a budget for. Check out our earlier article about IT volunteering to learn more about getting involved.
  3. There are tons of IT leadership organizations and professional groups that you can join online or in New York City – whichever route you take, it is definitely a good idea to connect with other IT professionals in your area – you never know where one of these connections will lead…
  4. Take consulting or contracting jobs. As we all know, there is an ample amount of IT contracting positions that last everywhere from a couple months to even a year. Taking jobs in varying industries and locations will expand your interests for jobs you may look for in the future.
  5. Relax!! Whether you chose to travel, spend time with family or just explore a little more, make sure you take advantage of this down time. We wouldn’t suggest having this be your main focus, but the beauty of having time off is not having a set schedule. Enjoying your time now will help you return to work with a refreshed feeling and the desire to get right to work!