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What’s first: job or experience?

Does this sound familiar: Ideal job. Needs 3-5 years experience. But you only have 2? Thought so. Not to worry – you are not alone. How many times have we all been in this position – seeing our dream job but not having the right amount of experience. But,… Read More

Career Crossroads

When you were growing up, probably in kindergarten, you had dreams of becoming something along the lines of a firefighter or astronaut or superhero of sorts. As you progressed through childhood and adolescence, maybe these dreams shifted to be a teacher, or lawyer or doctor – perhaps something a… Read More

Power of a First Impression

Credit:[/caption] No matter how many times we are told to get to know something or someone before we form an opinion, our first judgment is typically formed within the first 30 seconds of interaction. This could not be more true than when meeting someone for the first… Read More

The Power of Networks

The Power of Networks : Research shows that success isn’t just a matter of hard work, talent, and success — it also depends on your relationships.   Read More:   #BNA #whoyouknow #relationships #jobs #networking  … Read More