Why You Shouldn’t Stop Your Job Search During the Summer

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Conventional Wisdom holds job seekers should wait until the fall to begin their job
search. It is commonly assumed summer is a bad time to search for jobs, as companies often
work at a slower pace due to more vacations and nice weather. Due to the relaxed nature of
businesses during the summer, people are often discouraged from searching for jobs in fear it
might be an exercise in futility.
Contrary to popular belief companies do not cut back on hiring during the summer
months. Most companies actually hire for openings at the same pace, if not a faster. While it
might be more difficult to schedule interviews around vacations during this time of year, there
are many benefits to starting your job search in the summer.
As more people go on vacation, contract/temporary work typically becomes available in
the summer. This presents a great opportunity, as many temporary positions can turn into
permanent jobs in the future.
Another perk of searching in the summer is you can stay ahead of the pack and beat the
rush. Since many people still buy into the summer slowdown myth, there is less competition in
the summer than in the fall.
The summer is also a great time to expand your network. Summer is a more social time,
so take advantage of in person networking opportunities such as parties, neighborhood events,
conferences, and sporting events.
Despite the extended interview process, you should take full advantage of the unique
opportunities presented in the summer time. Though you should still be encouraged to apply for
jobs during the rest of the year, don’t be deterred from continuing your search in the summer. If
you are unemployed or looking for a new job, there is never a bad time to pursue the next
opportunity. Although it can sound appealing to take the summer off, you will thank yourself
when your hard work pays off.

Written by: Andrew Shlafmitz

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    Great information! I will sure take advantage of the opportunities available in my job search.

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