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The Importance of Phone Conversation

The rapid development of technology in the last quarter century has lead the world to be come more interconnected than ever before. From the palm of your hand you can send a message to a friend across the world, or see what your favorite celebrity had for lunch. In today’s… Read More

Does Loyalty Pay?

Once upon a time it was not considered smart to be moving from job to job each year but in this market, it may actually be beneficial to get a taste of different jobs to broaden a skill set to remain relevant to employers. It is critical to remain… Read More

IT Trends in 2015

While the IT industry has been experiencing a “boom” the last decade or so, there are particular advances and developments that IT executives see taking over in 2015. Whether it is a management software analytics tools, many recent surveys are indicating these trends that will take the IT world,… Read More

Virtual Volunteers

  Being in the IT world, it is not uncommon for professionals to hop from job to job as their services are needed. These jobs can vary by project scope and industry. One month you may be working for a financial services firm IT department and the next, a… Read More