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IT Trends in 2015

While the IT industry has been experiencing a “boom” the last decade or so, there are particular advances and developments that IT executives see taking over in 2015. Whether it is a management software analytics tools, many recent surveys are indicating these trends that will take the IT world,… Read More

Where to Start 2015

As you gear up for 2015 and you start to consider the various job possibilities for the coming year, you may reflect as to what industries you did or did not enjoy working within in 2014. Perhaps you found a new passion in retail IT but decided that financial… Read More

Virtual Volunteers

  Being in the IT world, it is not uncommon for professionals to hop from job to job as their services are needed. These jobs can vary by project scope and industry. One month you may be working for a financial services firm IT department and the next, a… Read More

The Power of Networks

The Power of Networks : Research shows that success isn’t just a matter of hard work, talent, and success — it also depends on your relationships.   Read More:   #BNA #whoyouknow #relationships #jobs #networking  … Read More