Where to Start 2015

Where to Start 2015

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As you gear up for 2015 and you start to consider the various job possibilities for the coming year, you may reflect as to what industries you did or did not enjoy working within in 2014. Perhaps you found a new passion in retail IT but decided that financial services IT was definitely not for you. Maybe you found the software used in engineering firms very intriguing and inspiring. Whatever niches you have found for yourself, it is important to look for employment in industries that you will enjoy working in. Even though IT consulting jobs are not usually permanent, there is always that possibility that any temporary job could turn into a long-term or permanent position with the help of your staffing firm. Regardless, you need to know where to start 2015.

To help you in your search for that perfect job in 2015, we have compiled a list of the most popular industries that are always hiring more IT professionals in NYC. Perhaps one of these will spark your interest to kick off 2015!

Financial services: From banks to hedge funds to insurance companies, the financial services industry is THE biggest spenders and the largest employer of IT professionals. With the need to keep their servers very secure and under lock-and-key 24/7, these companies are always looking for the brightest and most dedicated professionals. An added bonus, financial services companies are typically the early adapters of the latest technologies like the new digital payment technologies.

Engineering: With countless software and operating systems, the engineering industry is a popular place for IT professionals to find employment. Programs such as CAD and Autodesk tend to have many nuances and take skilled professionals to thoroughly understand – something that is quite valuable to engineering firms.

Education: Whether it is higher education institutions (colleges, universities) or education vendors (book publishers, suppliers), these companies and organizations need IT professionals to manage the large amounts of data that they must process on a daily basis all while keeping their servers, sites and databases up and running.

Nonprofit: If you are looking to start the New Year on a bit of a different note, many nonprofits are looking for volunteers to help them with specific builds and projects, since they typically cannot afford to hire/pay full and/or part-time employees. This is a great way to build your resume and give back to the community while keeping your IT skills such as website building and maintenance sharp.