IT Trends in 2015

IT Trends in 2015

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While the IT industry has been experiencing a “boom” the last decade or so, there are particular advances and developments that IT executives see taking over in 2015. Whether it is a management software analytics tools, many recent surveys are indicating these trends that will take the IT world, especially in NYC by storm before 2015 comes to a close. What does this mean for the IT job market? Skills will need to be sharper than ever, new certifications will be required and the variety and amount of jobs will be increasing – meaning staffing firms will be hiring more and more. To help our network of IT professional find success in 2015, we have put together a list of some of the most popular trends that are happening in 2015 that you should be aware of!

Computing everywhere – the “Internet of Things” is taking over. As the needs of mobile users increase tenfold – companies are looking to address the needs of users in both the workplace and in the public sphere. From wearables, to remote system access, to “the cloud” – this trend will present management challenges to some companies, and some will make shifts in their processes to accommodate these shifts.

Analytics – With the growing accessibility and use of technology, companies will need to reevaluate how to manage the large amounts of data that is coming their way. From social media, to devise, to the Internet, they will need to decide what information they need to report and when to report it. Cutting through the data clutter will be key.

Smart machines – We have already seen the advent of the smart TV but in 2015 there will be many, many more smart devices that come to market. Vehicles, robots, and virtual assistants are just some of the “machine helpers” that companies will develop and evaluate.

Security – in 2015 executives will invest significantly more in security systems for their companies. Fromm access control, to intrusion prevention to identification management, not only will more companies be stepping up their security software but more software will become available.