About Us

About BNA

Bernard Nickels & Associates was founded in 2002. Our areas of expertise include Information Technology, Office Support, Accounting/Finance, Engineering, Legal Services, Human Resources and Creative Services.

We are dedicated to the personal, professional and financial fulfillment of our employees and the candidates we represent in the marketplace. We help them achieve their objectives by ensuring we have an in-depth understanding of their background, experience and goals, and by doing all we can to help them reach those goals.

Our Difference: Extreme Service

We give our clients a level of personalized service that’s become our “trademark.” We call it Extreme Service. It pervades our culture and sets us apart from other firms.

Extreme service means a level of integrity and professionalism rarely seen in the staffing industry. It means stopping at nothing to get the job done—24 x 7 x 365, including weekends and holidays. Our clients recognize this, and reward our commitment by turning to us time after time, making BNA one of the top service providers to a number of Fortune 500 clients.

Our Dedication: Extreme

We act as if people’s lives depend on us—because in a very real sense, they do. We believe that for our clients and our candidates, quality of work has everything to do with quality of life. They are inextricably linked. Our responsibility is to ensure the highest quality of work by matching the right person with the right job.