BIM/CAD Manager

Type: Full-Time, Exempt

Location: St. Louis, MO (onsite Mondays-Thursdays; remote on Fridays)

Overview: The BIM/CAD Manager position centers around creating, upkeeping, and applying BIM standards and workflows across the organization. This role involves working closely with project planners, designers, engineers, and other team members to facilitate intricate design projects. The BIM/CAD Manager will play a key role in identifying and generating digital assets to improve standard libraries. The person in this role will be an advocate for the widespread adoption of BIM within the organization and will also deliver training on BIM workflows and design applications.


  • Collaborate with Project teams to coordinate design details and material BOMs to meet procurement, fabrication, and delivery milestones.
  • Manage the implementation of BIM–supporting software, organization-wide BIM Standards/workflows, and research of new BIM-related software.
  • Oversee development of BIM software and processes that improve project quality, efficiency, and facilitate communication with project team.
  • Set policies associated with the BIM Modeler’s purpose and responsibilities and providing input on policies concerning the plant piping and steel design software.
  • Provide leadership to ensure that BIM policies/procedures/standards are properly implemented and maintained throughout the course of a project.
  • Resource management with BIM Modelers to maintain Project Schedule and quality of work.
  • Work with Layout Design Coordinators to make individual project decisions.
  • Work with CAD Development to make decisions related to software and tools.
  • Analyze BIM Modeler performance and BIM usage reports to identify areas where training or assistance may be required. Provide continuous coaching to build upon their existing strengths and identify undesirable behaviors as opportunities for personal / professional development.
  • Perform all aspects of ongoing performance management to encourage employees to perform to their full potential.


  • Technical or vocational school education, Junior College / two-year college training OR Four-year college education (a CAD / Drafting degree is preferred but not required).
  • 5+ years of experience with BIM Management or CAD Management.
  • 3+ years of experience managing direct reports.
  • Experience with the following: AutoCAD/CAD Drafter, Aviva E3D, Advance Steel (Revit), and NavisWorks.
  • Knowledge of good engineering and drafting practices, specifically within the 3D modeling and presentation of piping and structural steel details and data. Construction and fabrication knowledge is a plus.
  • Knowledge around data analysis, visualization, and management and the communication associated, I.e., verbal, written or visual. SQL and Access database knowledge is a plus.