Take Your Job Search Mobile

Take Your Job Search Mobile

BNA Staffing

We are all so busy these days – between work, social commitments and family life, it is often hard for job seekers to take time to sit down and spend hours in front of job boards and Linked In searching for new employment. Luckily, with the rise of mobile devices and more apps, there has been a recent influx of apps to help people with their job hunt on-the-go! Below are just a few of the most popular apps that we have found job seekers using.

Job Search: Run by Simply Hired, Job Search lets users sort job postings by industry, date, and relevance. You can also import your LinkedIn profile to create your profile based on your past professional experiences. The app also helps set up alerts for jobs that fit a users desired criteria.

Job Aware: This app, hosted by Indeed (one of the most popular job board sites) allows users to apply to jobs directly on the app. You can autofill your profile information directly into the applications and submit to employers right away. Users can also prioritize saved jobs as “dream jobs”, “second choice” and “third choice” jobs.

Ladders: The ladders app differs slightly from the previously mentioned two – this is more of a networking type of service. Job seeks can search through the job listings and recommend others (and themselves) for jobs based on the listed skill sets. This encourages interaction between users and maximizes search efforts with the hopes that others will recommend you for jobs you may not have initially seen.

Zip Recruiter: An already well-known app, ZipCruiter is essentially a mobile job board. The service aggregates jobs from popular posting sites such as Career Builder, Simply Hired, Monster, Dice and many more – instead of being exclusive to just one job board site. Like most other job search apps, users can import their LinkedIn profiles and apply directly to jobs through the app.

Switch: Perhaps the most “modern” of the job search apps, Switch is a play off of the popular dating app Tinder. Users create a profile with their experience level, desired position and preferred industry. The app service then presents “matches” that seekers can either swipe left to pass on or swipe right if they are interested. Recruiters on the app are doing the same thing as they browse job seekers. The app then notifies both parties when a match is made and facilitates communications. This app is a true testament to how the job search process is evolving as technology continues to advance.