Top-Paying IT Certifications for 2015

Top-Paying IT Certifications for 2015

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Each year, as the industry changes, the types of personnel that employers and IT companies, especially in NYC, are looking for change. As technology advances and new systems emerge, the certifications that are required for employees to properly maintain and operate them evolve, too. A recent study released by and CompTIA investigates the coming trends for the IT workforce fro 2015. It specifically shows the most valuable certifications (in terms of salary) to have in 2015. Below, we have listed the top 3 certifications that recruiters will be looking for in potential candidates in 2015. First, though, take a look at these global insights about IT employers the survey found:

  • 65 percent of employers use IT certifications to differentiate between equally qualified candidates
  • 72 percent of employers use IT certifications as a requirement for certain job roles
  • 60 percent of organizations often use IT certifications to confirm a candidate’s subject matter knowledge or expertise
  1. Citrix Certified Enterprise Engineer for Virtualization

Now known as Citrix Certified Professional – Virtualization, it is no surprise that this certification is on of the most in-demand and high-paying bas Citrix Systems Citrix System owned 56 percent of the virtualization market as of January 2014.

  1. CompTIA Security+

As trends are showing security systems making their way to the top of most companies IT priority lists, pay value for this particular certification (which showcases and understanding of security best practices) is on the rise – it has grown 40% over the last year.

  1. IAC Certified Windows Security Administrator

Along with security, the need for mobile IT experts is on the rise – especially for Windows, as they attempt to make up ground in the mobile sphere, striving to become more “mobile-centric” as they compete alongside such as Apple. It is no surprise that this cert is a must-have for many Windows-operated companies.

To see the complete list of anticipated, high-salary jobs in 2015 and the complete survey results, visit the CIO website.