Tricky Interview Questions

Tricky Interview Questions

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It’s the age-old question – what tricky interview questions will they ask me on this interview? It’s inevitable – every time you go on an interview there will be at least one out-of-the-box conceptual question that will catch you completely off-guard. Here’s your first hint: that is part of their tactic. When interviewers spring an unexpected question or discussion on you, part of what they are looking for is how quickly and smoothly you can think on your feet, drawing from knowledge and expertise you have from all your experiences, to answer their question.

Part of succeeding at this task, is going into every interview prepared. If you take a half hour before each interview to review your past experiences and your personality traits, you will be that much more prepared when your potential IT employer or HR staffing firm in NYC throws you a curveball question.

Below are some of the tricky interview questions that you may get asked. We even included some tips on just how to answer them and what type of response content we think your interviewer is looking for…

Tell me about yourself

While an interviewer can already see what is on your resume, they oftentimes don’t have a chance to look it over right before the interview, or will need a refresher. This is your chance to provide very brief explanation/introduction (1 to 2 minutes total) that will cover the following – early years, education, work history and recent experience.

Why is there a gap in your work history?

Contrary to what many people believe, most employers are sympathetic and understanding to a job lost and gap in employment. No matter what the reason is that you left your last job, they want to see you have been productive in the interim, so tell them about any freelancing, volunteering, family care or any other activities that show you have been maximizing your time.

What is your biggest flaw?

The million-dollar question, it usually seems. While at first this quality may come across as a negative, it is your job to turn it into a positive. Are you impatient? While this can be troublesome in the workplace, a leader is someone that sticks to and strongly enforces deadlines.

Why should I hire you?

Even though this may seem like an obvious one to prepare for, this is actually one of the question interviewees are typically most unprepared to answer – they think their resume and experience will speak for itself. Well, it doesn’t. Take the time to review the job description and key skills that are required for the job. Figure out what qualities and experience you have in the past that demonstrate what they are looking for. It is your job to show them why you are the most qualified candidate, and that you are more than just words on a paper.

Remember: even though you are in the workforce, don’t forget to STUDY! And goodluck.