How Will IT Survive the Digital Revolution?

How Will IT Survive the Digital Revolution?

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As new digital products and services like wearable’s and cloud technologies evolve and come to the forefront of business’ functionality, many IT service providers and companies worry about where their place will be in world where it would appear companies will be able to take care of their own needs.

While yes, many companies could theoretically run their own IT strategies with these new self-sufficient technologies, what we forget is that IT practices infiltrate across all pillars of the organization or company. When companies can understand this, they realize that a strategy is needed to integrate services across the board AND to help manage this – which is where modern IT companies and professionals come in.

Cloud technologies are great in the fact that they are simple and everyone can contribute. But, the question is how is this applied across all of the business areas? For example, a popular sportswear company wants to move their business documents and employee management to a cloud service. Great! But how does this affect the day-to-day operations? Who trains the employees on how this affects their jobs? Who is responsible for the cloud security? Who monitors the cloud? These are all things that only IT professionals and service companies are familiar with.

Most businesses don’t want to reallocate their existing staff to take on new roles, but just bring on people or a consulting firm to assess, implement, audit, integrate and manage their IT needs. They will count on these professionals to know exactly what needs to be done for their particular company and how it will be best carried out based on their needs. And with each company this will be different.

So, while the technologies and devices are evolving to a more simplistic form, the knowledge and know-how surrounding the integration, implementation and management of such technologies and practices take professionals. IT workers and companies that are willing to evolve with these technologies too, will not have to worry about what’s next, but will also be able to enjoy and take part in this evolution.